Translating Data into Optimal Practice: An Engaging Approach

OLD LYME, CT — SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 — As masses of clinical data pour in regarding new insights into disease pathophysiology, established and emerging therapies, and disease progression (to name a few), staying abreast of new information, absorbing and translating data into clinical practice is crucial. In an environment that is already crammed for time, how can clinicians stay up to date and confidently evaluate and manage their patients accordingly? In July, The France Foundation collaborated with the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers to launch an online educational series designed specifically to answer this question for members of the multiple sclerosis care team.

The education uses short bursts of information delivered through a 3-part blended-learning model. Part 1 zeros in on specific data from (a) clinical trial(s) or publication summarized in a brief article. Part 2 illuminates how this information can be used in clinical practice through a faculty-narrated audio podcast. Part 3 requires learners to put the information into practice by interpreting the data and applying it to an interactive case. This constructivist learning approach provides learners the ability to review, evaluate, and interpret information in a quick, convenient, accessible manner.

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