The France Foundation Presenting Several Sessions/Posters at the Upcoming World Congress in San Diego and the CBI Summit

OLD LYME, CT — MARCH 15, 2016 — Using Gamification and Implementation Science to Promote Knowledge Retention and Behavior Modification
Along with Lois Colburn of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, The France Foundation will be talking about one of their innovative and successful programs on adult immunizations. This novel education utilized gamification and implementation science to engage learners in an interactive learner session that provided interactivity and practical tools for behavior modification. Based on the theories of facilitated learning, clinicians were active participants in identifying issues as well and developing solutions.

Learning Scaffolds: Designing Expert-Modeling and Disciplinary Breakout Sessions for Effective Multi-Specialty Problem-Based Learning
A Best Practices oral presentation, this session features work done in collaboration with American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) and American Society of Hematologists (ASH). This program evaluated implemented strategies for building high-functioning team-based learning during a one-day Myeodysplastic Syndrome session for pathologists, hematologists, and oncologists.

GAIN, a Lung Cancer Inter-Professional Team-Based Educational Curriculum
EnGAging an Interdisciplinary Team for NSCLC Diagnosis, Personalized Assessment, and Treatment (GAIN) was a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) curriculum to improve the knowledge, competence, and communication of an inter-professional team managing patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The curriculum included didactic learning done prior to the sessions (flipped classroom) and the interactive live activity focused on team skills, hands-on skills, and case-based interactions. This presentation is in collaboration with American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST), and the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP).

Improving Knowledge for the Treatment of Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer & Improving Clinical Trial Enrollment
A poster presentation will highlight a successful collaboration with City of Hope. COH and The France Foundation worked to improve knowledge of treatment for mRCC including optimal dosing, treatment options and the availability of clinical trials. At the conclusion of the initiative, enrollment in RCC clinical trials at City of Hope increased as compared to the year prior to this initiative. Clinicians were also very committed to following through on these planned changes, which may enhance quality of care and translate into improved outcomes for patients with mRCC.
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Why We May Need to Reshape Our Approach to Outcomes — The Value of the Medical Education Deliverable
Sapana Panday of The France Foundation will be participating in a panel discussion at the upcoming Medical Education & Research Grants Breakthrough Summit in San Francisco in April. This session will bring together the various stakeholders who are both involved in developing outcomes as well as receiving them.

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