Designing the Future of The Alliance: Highlighting Volunteers of the 2024 Annual Conference

We at The France Foundation are thrilled to recognize three individuals in our organization who helped shape The Alliance 2024 Annual Conference through their invaluable contributions to the continuing medical education industry.

Ailene Cantelmi, MFA, Director of Educational Development at The France Foundation and Vice-chair for the 2024 Annual Conference Planning Committee, supported the committee and its chair as well as Alliance leadership in developing the event . She will serve as chair next year and is excited to work with colleagues and Alliance members to shape the 2025 Annual Conference program. She looks forward to the meeting every year and is always amazed by the diversity of work done in the continuing education (CE) industry, along with the dedication and commitment of the CE provider community. As an educator, it can be quite an undertaking to “train the trainers,” but Ailene’s priority for 2025 is to provide the community with programming that is both practical and inspiring.

Jasleen Chahal, PhD, Accreditation and Outcomes Manager at The France Foundation, has been a member of the Alliance Research Committee since 2023. The committee is responsible for “identifying knowledge gaps and providing guidance on study designs that examine the impact of continuing healthcare education activities and enhance the professional's knowledge, competence, and performance within the healthcare system.” In the past year, she and her colleagues have discussed the impact of emerging technology trends on CE outcomes, and they’ve provided insight on improving research surveys to be disseminated to the Alliance community. She’s also worked with the Alliance Annual Conference Planning Committee to improve outcome measurement and evaluation of the 2024 annual conference. Jasleen will serve as Co-chair of the Research Committee for 2024 to further improve survey design and research initiatives, and her overall focus is on collaborating with other Alliance members to improve research initiatives on continuing education and learner outcomes.

Margaret Das, PhD, Medical Content Manager at The France Foundation, is the primary presenter for “Using Motivational Theories to Attract, Engage, and Retain Learners” at the annual conference. As an educator, her interest in instructional design goes hand in hand with her learner-centric approach to content development, bridging the gap between what information a clinician should know and how that same clinician best learns new information. Although she has participated as a learner previously, this will be the first time she presents at the Alliance. To Margaret, the Alliance is an energizing space to connect with peers and learn something new about our industry and the way we go about sharing concepts with learners and with each other.

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