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Adaptive Learning: The What and the Why

While you might have heard of adaptive learning, we wanted to share with you why WE find it so exciting. Hopefully you can spread the word!

Adaptive learning benefits learners by enabling them to learn more quickly and to engage with the specific content they need. Adaptive learning also benefits educators by allowing us to see a detailed overview of learners’ knowledge, knowledge gaps and confidence levels.

Benefits to Our Learners

Effective for All:

Expertise, Specialty, or Profession

The format has been well received by specialty and non-specialty audiences with an average completion rate of 70% for TFF learners, compared to the industry standard of 30%.

Incentivizes Change:

42% of Learners Set Actions Plans

Benefits the Educator

Knowing Specifically What They Know and Don’t Know

Adaptive learning allows for granular outcomes tracking – we report not only on the achievement of the activity’s learning objectives but also the learner gains in discreet teaching points for each learning objective. For example:

If our learning objective is to improve learners’ abilities to “Develop a management strategy for atopic dermatitis (AD) taking into account patient quality of life considerations”, we need them to know the following teaching points:
  1. Compare the impact of AD on QoL in comparison to other disease states
  2. Name the factors that most commonly impact QoL in patients with AD
  3. Compare the financial burden for families with a member diagnosed with AD to other disease states

Knowing What They Think They Know…but Don’t Know

Also, adaptive technology teaches concept mastery and provides data on not only right or wrong answers but also learners’ self-assessment of their confidence in their answer. This allows us to see when learners were confident and wrong (!) and measure their move into confident and correct (yay!).

We use this to understand the success of our specific activity but also to see areas of future need for our learners.
Data Mapped to Learning Objectives Shows Where Learners Were Confident in Their Wrong Answers

How Do We Know This?

TFF has developed several CME learning experiences leveraging adaptive learning technology .

Want to Include Adaptive Learning in Your Next Project?

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