Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Comprehensive CME Courses
New and emerging therapies for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) are hot topics at national and international neurology meetings. As this field advances, the latest updates are available here for CME credit. Resources are also available for pediatric neurologists and neuromuscular specialists. Visit throughout the year to find out what’s new in gene therapy and SMA.


Are You READY? Recent Effective Atopic Dermatitis Therapy Considerations
A series of highly-visual, interactive modules on atopic dermatitis (AD). The modules will increase your understanding about the pathophysiology of AD, recently approved and emerging therapies, and their unique mechanisms of action.


Proper Use of an Inhaler
This interactive and fast-paced video demonstrates how to use an inhaler and the various types of delivery systems used to treat asthma


PAH in 2018: Mastering Current, Tailored Treatment
An Educational Podcast Series

Drs. Richard P. Frantz and James R. Klinger discuss critical topics in the management of PAH. Listen now or download them on our PILOT iTunes channel


Achieving Better Control of Severe Asthma: New Understandings in Asthma Pathophysiology and Targeted Therapies
This education identifies the most current strategies for diagnosing severe asthma and the criteria describing the type 2 asthma phenotype. This information will be reinforced by case studies, case-based decision-making, and doctor-patient videos.


A Personalized Approach to Managing Patients with Uncontrolled Asthma
This educational activity has been developed to increase clinicians’ understanding of new targeted therapies and how they may be used in personalized, effective asthma management


Famous People with Diabetes
This interactive learning opportunity allows you to optimize outcomes for Ella Fitzgerald and Jerry Garcia, who both had T2DM. We bring them from past to present to show how they may have fared better with current options, including basal insulin and basal insulin combinations. How would YOU manage Jerry Garcia and Ella Fitzgerald?


Understanding IPF as a Part of the Overall Scope of ILD
Learn how to recognize signs and symptoms that may indicate different interstitial lung diseases, including IPF.


Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Lung Disease Today and Tomorrow
Customized learning! Only have a few minutes or a specific question? Click on specific topics. Have 30 minutes? Watch them all and earn CME.


New Concepts in the Pathobiology of Asthma
Take a look at this animated whiteboard video – a great way to learn more about severe asthma phenotypes and endotypes.


Optimizing Patient Outcomes in IPF
Plan strategies for mitigating IPF treatment side effects and increasing adherence, and formulate a management plan that optimizes collaboration with other care providers.

Psoriasis Management Considerations: What Would YOU Do?  

Psoriasis Management Considerations: What Would YOU Do?
Patients with a rash are commonly seen in the primary care office. Can you tell if it's psoriasis? These 3 interactive cases explore psoriasis diagnosis, management and when to refer to a specialist. The goal of these lectures is to equip clinicians with evidence-based knowledge and provide increased competence in managing their patients with psoriasis.

IO University  

IO University
Join us to access breakthrough modules on Interventional Oncology and earn free CME while doing so! Created by IO experts, each topic area is broken into 6 comprehensive modules. Choose from a variety of tumor types including hepatocellular carcinoma, metastatic colorectal cancer, and lung cancer. Also check out the language of oncology, which examines oncology literature and provides methods for analyzing clinical trials. Don’t miss out!


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