IPF Whiteboard Videos  

Exploring the Patient Journey: Let’s Talk About ILD and IPF
This series of short- and fast-moving videos are specifically designed for the primary care audience to address the continuing challenges in the early identification of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Each short video includes dynamic animation, high-resolution (HRCT) images, and audio samples of what IPF “sounds like.” Each video builds on the content presented in the previous one.

Biosimilars Are Here…Are You Ready?  

Biosimilars Are Here… Are You Ready?
With the increasing entry of biosimilars into clinical practice it is important to equip and prepare rheumatologists, dermatologists, and gastroenterologists with information that can provide a context for the appropriate use of biosimilars. This activity offers 9 online modules that focus on appropriate, evidence-based use of biosimilars in Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, plaque psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Learners can jump right into the modules or start by taking a self-assessment to receive an individualized learning plan.


Getting to Goal Can Be Difficult: Advancing T2DM Therapy With Confidence
Your patients are waiting! Learn to optimize glycemic control for T2DM using combination therapies in these dynamic patient cases. Each case provides an opportunity for practice-based learning while experiencing simulated patient visits to manage T2DM with combination therapy. By integrating information gleaned throughout the case, you will make treatment choices, prioritize alternatives, and utilize your clinical judgment in making patient care decisions. Each patient outcome will be individualized based on your choices.

COPD Expert Videos  

COPD Outlook – Watch Expert Videos
Watch James F. Donohue, MD, Gary T. Ferguson, MD, and Nicola Hanania, MD highlight key COPD updates provided at a May 2017 meeting on pulmonary disease. Expert faculty reflect on new information on COPD and discuss the impact it has for patients. Topics include:

  • What’s the 2017 GOLD standard for managing patients with COPD?
  • Stepping up or stepping down – which direction for COPD patients?
  • Is the delivery system a good match for your patients with COPD?


IPF Expert Videos  

IPF Outlook – Watch Expert Videos
Watch IPF/ILD experts Fernando J. Martinez, MD and David J. Lederer, MD review the latest advances from recent scientific meetings. Topics include:

  • What Do the Experts Say about New Developments in the Diagnosis of ILD?
  • How Do You Apply the Evidence
  • What’s Next for IPF Therapy?


NSCLC Cases  

Pulmonologists as the Gatekeepers of Precision Medicine in NSCLC: How Much is Enough Tissue?
Interactive cases and slides to assess your technique.

  • Setting the Stage with a Good Biopsy: Molecular diagnostics and targeted therapy rely on adequate tissue biopsy. Learn from this case and better meet the needs of your multidisciplinary partners.
  • Pathology Workup of a Patient with Right Upper Lobe Mass and Metastases: Glimpse the world of tissue processing and analysis from the pathology perspective.


COPD Respirology Primer  

An Update on Fixed-Dose LAMA/LABA Inhalers in COPD
Long-acting bronchodilators are the cornerstone of maintenance therapy for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). A variety of long-acting muscarinic antagonists (LAMA) and long-acting β2-agonists (LABAs) are available for the management of COPD. An increasing number of fixed-dose LAMA/LABA combinations have been developed and approved; these combinations have the potential to provide synergistic effects through different mechanisms of action, maximize bronchodilation, and simplify COPD treatment regimens. Authored by Richard Casaburi, MD, Gary Ferguson, MD, and David Mannino, MD, this supplement provides a review of the safety and efficacy of current and emerging inhaled fixed-dose LAMA/LABA combinations for patients with COPD.

IO University  

IO University
Access breakthrough modules on interventional oncology and earn free CME! These innovative online modules were created by experts the field and are all less than 30 minutes. Choose from a variety of tumor types including the language of oncology, a six-part module on metastatic colorectal cancer, and six-part module on hepatocellular carcinoma. Don’t miss out,visit IO University to access this education now!

Schizophrenia Management  

Schizophrenia Management: Facilitating Evidence-Based Individualized Treatment for Optimal Patient Management
This interactive case-based activity presents 3 different scenarios of patients with schizophrenia and reviews evidence-based approaches for optimizing the management of these patients. Topics covered include polypharmacy, measurement-based care, switching antipsychotics, and a role for long-acting injectable antipsychotics. Each scenario will require participants to review relevant diagnostic and case history; respond to assessment and behavior questions; and make management decisions.

Cognitive Issues in Multiple Sclerosis  

Cognitive Issues in Multiple Sclerosis
This educational primer summarizes information presented at the 5th Annual International Multiple Sclerosis Cognition Society (IMSCOGS) Meeting, which took place June 23-24, 2016 in New York City. The content includes information on neuropsychological assessment, cognition and the brain, cognitive interventions in MS, cognitive changes in pediatric MS, how cognition influences everyday functional activity, and cognition in patients with progressive MS.

PILOT IPF Interactive Cases  

PILOT IPF Interactive Cases
These interactive cases provide an opportunity for analyzing and evaluating actual patient scenarios. Cases outline the patient history, specific pulmonary disease progression information, and are often supplemented with radiographs, PFTs, serology, and biopsy results. Cases include:

  • Gwen: A lawyer with a history of MI has a dry cough and trouble with stairs
  • Elizabeth: Loves the outdoors but bothered by persistent cough and GERD
  • Toni: Too tired to continue teaching and experiencing painful heartburn


Biologics and Biosimilars: Preparing for the Future!  

Welcome to Biologics and Biosimilars: Preparing for the Future!
This is a series of 7 interactive modules. Each module builds on the content presented in the previous one, so it is highly recommended that you proceed through the curriculum in sequence. As biosimilar guidance evolves in the United States and these biologics are studied and FDA-approved for use, it will be important for clinicians to understand how biosimilars’ characteristics overlap with, and differ from, other available biologic therapies, so that effective treatment selection and monitoring, and related patient education, can be achieved.

RA Quality in the Value-Based Care Environment  

RA Quality in the Value-Based Care Environment: Integrating Quality Measures into Your Practice
RAqualitycare.org offers educational opportunities and resources to help clinicians improve care of patients with rheumatoid arthritis by offering information on guidelines and quality measures. Earn CME while playing games, such as an IQ test and crossword puzzle.


Simple Solutions to a Simple Problem: Why Aren’t We Doing Better with Adult Immunizations?
Welcome to the educational games! Challenge yourself by taking the Adult Immunizations IQ Test. Earn CME while having a little fun. Did you score lower than anticipated? Participate in an on-demand webinar to sharpen your skills. Dr. Stanley Grogg, the AOA liaison to the ACIP, leads a discussion reviewing current strategies for improving adult immunization rates, and developing plans for incorporating these strategies in clinical practice.



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